Are you looking to get to the root of your symptoms, instead of overmedicating without getting well?

Say hello to healing your gut, managing your blood sugar, and reducing inflammation without harmful pharmaceuticals!

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"In 9 months I reversed my prediabetic diagnosis thanks to Claire's program.

I also now have

-Increased energy

-Better moods

-Reduced inflammation

-No bloating

-Reduced appetite and reduced sugar cravings

-AND I have lost 40 pounds.

It’s been a blessing in my life. Completely life changing.

Overall I’ve lost 100+ pounds and healing my gut has helped me with weight management and have a better quality of life."

~Kim P.

"I had debilitating migraines, chronic inflammation, and thought painful cycles were my forever story. I suffered with so many food intolerance, I became anxious any time I wasn't eating at home.

It was so limiting.

I'm so grateful to no longer suffer. Claire has been such an amazing support system to help me learn to use food as medicine and support my body so it can function like it is supposed to ."

~Kandis M.

I could talk for dayssss on how much these products and coaching have changed my entire life!! They are amazing!!

Since I started this journey,

-Down 67lbs and ALOT of inches!
-I am happy!! I have such a huge supportive community to help me along.

-My severe IBS is non existent.

-Pre-Diabetic - I haven’t had ONE blood sugar episode or migraine.

-After years on HIGH doses of anxiety medication, I AM COMPLETELY OFF THEM (with the help from my Dr. of course)

-No more daily naps (this was a daily thing for me after work)

-I went from 4 cups of coffee a day to 6ozs a day, just for fun.
-I’m easily drinking 100ozs + of h2o per day…I don’t think I was consuming 80oz total in a 6 month period before
.-My energy is CRAZY. Keeping up with my son without being tired is incredible!

Here’s where the one that hit me in the heart the most.
Last night, my child told me “Mom, you should definitely keep doing what you're doing. You’re so happy”

Your kids notice everything, even when you don’t.

~Heather R.